Shelli PrindleShelli Prindle is known for her passion, joy, and integrity. She clearly articulates biblical truth in a down-to-earth fashion that inspires people to practically apply it to their lives. As a writer, educator, and speaker, she engages the intellect and presents a message of true hope to audiences of all ages.

After receiving her bachelor of arts degree in mathematics and secondary education from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Shelli spent more than a decade teaching math and Bible in Christian high schools in the Pittsburgh area. As a teacher, she devoted herself to the study of apologetics and Christian worldview. She obtained her master of arts degree in educational leadership from Crown College in Minnesota and served as the principal/administrator of two Christian schools. Having achieved recognized leadership in Christian schooling, she consulted with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to develop middle school leadership curriculum and served as a seminar leader and conference speaker for ACSI. Currently, Shelli serves as the Director of Youth & Young Adults at Norwin Alliance Church of North Huntingdon, PA.

In 2007, Shelli founded Hope & Passion Ministries as a vehicle through which to share her passion for God’s Word and His people. Sharing a Jesus-view of Reality that Produces True Hope and Passionate Living is the vision of Hope & Passion Ministries, Inc. This vision is realized as she teaches and speaks at churches, retreats, seminars, and conferences. While a writer of devotions, Shelli has also produced many original works including Apologetics Activated!, a ten hour practical primer on Christian apologetics and The Heaven Event, a half day presentation on the rock-solid nature of our eternal home. Shelli has published two dynamic daily devotional books: Real Life. Real God. Real Hope! and Living in Awe!. These devotions come straight from God’s Word and inspire people to live passionately, knowing Jesus is over all!

For more information or to schedule a seminar or speaking engagement, click on the “Request Shelli” tab or contact her directly at hope.passion.ministries@verizon.net.


What Men and Women are Saying About Shelli’s Speaking Ministry:

Your teaching is amazing! I just want more. The way you explain the Bible and God’s love for us is just incredible!

Shelli is exuberant to say the least, passionate about Jesus, and living life to the fullest while anticipating the New Heavens and New Earth.

You are truly an inspiration, and you challenge me each time I hear you speak.

Wow, Shelli! I just listened to this message and all I can say is, “wow!” Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us.

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Such a joyful, inspiring and motivational teacher!

To hear her attempt to describe that indescribable heaven just makes me think . . . I can’t wait to go there. . . . While I endure the difficult things of this world, I’ll revel in the amazing things that God has given.

If anyone would nod off during your presentation, you better call 911 and check for a pulse!

I love your down-to-earth presentation of the truths of God’s word and how passionate you are about your convictions and your love of our Savior and Creator.

God has spoken to me through you . . . He wants me in His Word!!! He wants me to know Him!!! Thank you!

Scripture pours from her lips. No notes, no prompts, just the message God has made her passionate about declaring.

I laughed with you and cried with you; and you gave comfort with His words that gives us a goal, thirst and hunger to learn more of how to live for Him. You cover our “real life” now and give us hope for what Jesus holds for us.

Scripture pours from her lips. No notes, no prompts, just the message God has made her passionate about declaring.

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