Keep Fighting!

I fight my disease (Juvenile, Type 1 Diabetes). I push hard against it, and I have for 34 years. I do many blood tests throughout the day and night. I give multiple insulin injections per day, adjusting doses to combat irregular and dangerous blood sugar levels. I count every carb that goes into my body. I ride my stationary bike and lift weights. I struggle, but I fight!

Should we not also fight sin and the enemy of our soul with such vigor? Stay diligent! Be attentive in e…ach moment of the day to your spiritual walk. Stay in prayer, adjusting your attitude according to God’s Word as necessary. Listen to the Holy Spirit, as He works in you supernaturally – giving you the power to fight well!

I am all too aware of the potential and life-threatening complications of Diabetes Mellitus; therefore, I go head to head with my disease. Infinitely more threatening are the wages of sin and the potential eternal losses if we don’t fight for our spiritual life and the effect of it on others.

Not all diseases can be fought daily by the sufferer as mine can, and I understand that. I use mine as an example to set our hearts on fire for Jesus and the serious battle we are in. Be encouraged to fight! Fight hard, fight long, and rest when we finally see His face!

“Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus…” (2 Timothy 2